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Allied & Therapy Opportunities

There are endless possibilities when working within the allied health care field. Along with many wide-open windows of opportunity, 24/7 Med Staff supplies everything you need to make your dreams of traveling come true. Traveling is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many people. We create the chance for you to make memories of a lifetime, broaden your horizons, and experience new locations and adventure, all while gaining invaluable career experience. Allied health professionals play a critical role in health care and in high demand across the U.S. With numerous positions available in various locations, there are many exciting opportunities. The typical allied positions are between 8 and 13 weeks, allowing you to pick your next destination every few months!



Allied personnel typically have regular interaction with patients, so should enjoy working with people. Many positions involve working in a supportive role so being able to take direction well is essential. Many technician roles entail the knowledge of high-tech equipment. Other duties may include taking vital signs, perform diagnostics, preparing patients for medical procedures and administering medication.


& Certification

Not all Allied health positions require certification, but this can vary from state-to-state. Because of the variety of allied roles, some positions may require minimum course work, while others may require the minimum of a 4-year degree in an applicable field.



We offer the most competitive compensation plans in the industry and will personally work with you to ensure you receive a satisfactory wage.



Travel opportunity, job variety, wide range of opportunities, opportunity to advance education and skills while training for other medical careers, flexibility, competitive pay, personal satisfaction, job security.

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